The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the Heart



"The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the Heart" will be released on June 17 for $19.99
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Once upon a time, there was a boy called Nora.
His mother passed away leaving him all alone in the world.
He spent every day with his unique and kind hearted friends
until one fateful day,
he had a chance encounter with a princess from the Netherworld.

He's always been surrounded by his colorful friends,
then she came and turned his once normal life upside down,
what's going to happen to him now?

The girl who casts a spell on Nora

Patricia of the Netherworld

The Princess of the Netherworld.
She arrives at the surface world in order to destroy it, but ends up falling in love with Nora.
Wielding immense magical power already,
she travels from the Netherworld in hope of finding even greater magic.

Birthday: 12/31
Bloodtype: Nontypable
Height: 165cm
Likes: Grimoires
Dislikes: That she can’t read the language of the surface world
Family: Mother, Elder sister, Younger sister

VANatsumi Takamori

“I wonder if anyone on the surface could be my match.”

Patricia of the Netherworld Patricia of the Netherworld

Nora’s childhood friend, the honor student

Michi Kuroki

A straight-laced student and academy monitor.
She believes relationships have no place at academy, and wants to crack down on them. Hard.
Regardless, her good looks make her one of the most popular kids in academy.
One day, in a completely unexpected turn of events, she asks Nora for some love advice...

Birthday: 5/8
Bloodtype: Type A
Height: 164cm
Likes: Studying
Dislikes: That she fell in love
Family: Mother

VAEri Sendai

“That is entirely inappropriate at academy!”

Michi Kuroki Michi Kuroki

The girl who looks after Nora

Shachi Yuuri

A calm and collected young woman who has lived with Nora since Elementary School.
Feels indebted to Nora’s family for taking her in, and so has taken it upon herself to do all the household chores.
She’s an excellent cook, and all the neighborhood kids jump at the chance to eat at their place.
It’s said that it rains when she’s sad.

Birthday: 5/8
Bloodtype: Unknown
Height: 168cm
Likes: Cooking
Dislikes: Static electricity
Family: Nora (Main Character)

VAYuu Asakawa

“I’ll keep you safe”

Shachi Yuuri Shachi Yuuri

A rebellious, but kind-hearted freshman, with too many part-time jobs

Yuuki Asuhara

A cheery young thing who can make friends with anyone. Works a number of part-time jobs.
Pretty chill, even guys feel able to approach and talk to her.
Some people think she’s kind of a plastic, but she thinks it’s probably time to get herself a boyfriend.

Birthday: 7/7
Bloodtype: Type B
Height: 164cm
Likes: Her friends
Wants: A raise  
Family: All members are in good health.

VAAtsumi Tanezaki

“Nora, that job savin’ the world still open?”

Yuuki Asuhara Yuuki Asuhara

The tough lone wolf

Nobuchina Takada

Daughter of a famous local Yakuza, and Nora’s classmate.
Doesn’t have too many female friends, because of her tendency to run her mouth without thinking.
Sensitive about her diminutive stature.
Incredibly strong, to the point where she could fight and actually win against a group of adults.

VAYuri Yamaoka

Nobuchina Takada Nobuchina Takada

Patricia's carefree younger sister

Euracia of the Netherworld

Devil-may-care and cheerful to the extreme.
Follows Patricia to the surface world because “Why should Patricia have all the fun?! It’s no fair!”
Though she can seem quite the innocent, she certainly has claws.
She loves Patricia very much, but is amazed that she could fall in love with a mortal, of all people.

VAAyuru Ohashi

Euracia of the Netherworld Euracia of the Netherworld

The oldest Princess, who spoils her sisters

Lucia of the Netherworld

Kind to her sisters, but hard on every other person she meets.
She thinks the world of her siblings.
Unable to comprehend Patricia falling in love either.

VAYo Taichi

Lucia of the Netherworld Lucia of the Netherworld

Don't cry, Yuki!

Yuki Tanaka

A truly kind girl, and classmate of Nora.
She wants to get stronger, so exercises all the time.
Often has to play the role of mediator in arguments.

VAJuri Kimura

Yuki Tanaka Yuki Tanaka

The blunt delinquent

Koki Ida

Nora’s classmate and all-round bad influence.
He’s a good guy deep down, but hides it behind his brusque demeanor.

VATakeaki Masuyama

Koki Ida Koki Ida


Title The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the Heart
Platform Steam
Release Date June 17, 2019
Original Art Itsuki Ozora
Script Hato
SD Art Haruka Kusakabe
GENRE Visual Novel